Video — In-The-Hoop Door Hangers

In-The-Hoop Door Hanger Instructions

Door Hangers, they are amazing right??  Did you know that every Door Hanger design comes with a pdf instructional tutorial?  I’m a visual learner so I’ve included pictures to walk you through the entire process step-by-step along with the written directions.  All tutorials also include approximate finished sizes, materials needed and required number of hoopings!  If that isn’t enough, and you’d like to watch me make one of these amazing door hangers, click below for my YouTube video of the Valentine Heart Trio.  Once you understand the basic concept, you’ll find you can make any of my door hangers!

Buy the burlap HERE.
Buy the design HERE 

Now that you’ve seen how easy making a door hanger can be, I’m sure that you’ll want to check out all of my current door hangers!  New ones are being added weekly!

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