Did Someone Say Valentine’s Day?

This week is a hard time for a lot of my single sisters. Maybe because it is your first Valentine’s Day without your special someone, or you are in a season of waiting, or maybe something else. I know that this week is hard for you. I just wanted you to know that I see you. I love you. I’m praying for you. God has a plan for all of us and we need to trust in His timing and His purpose for our lives.

I’m in a season of waiting.  I’ve been single for 6 years now and I have to say that I honestly love being single.  Someone asked me recently about my single mom life and I explained it like this.  I am really happy with my life right now.  It is a great life with children I love, good friends, a social life as active as I want and a business I enjoy and pour into.  It would take a really, really special man to make me give up time in these areas to spend with him.  As of now, God just hasn’t brought anyone like that into my life.  So, I’ll wait on him — and if there isn’t a man like that in my future … I am really ok with that too.

If you are finding yourself feeling lonely about Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas of some things to do …

1. Galentine’s Day Dinner.  Get a group of girlfriends together for a fun Galentine’s Day dinner out.  My girlfriends and I are going Thursday night.  It is a standing date that we have February 13th every single year.
2. Redbox or Netflix.  A movie marathon is a fun way to spend the evening.  You could binge your favorite leading man or watch all of your favorite comedies.
3. Family Meal.  Plan a fun family meal and get the kids involved in the cooking and menu planning.  Eat by candle light and even invite your parents or a single neighbor!  How about this for dessert?  It serves as dessert and a craft after dinner is over.  Don’t forget to make the kids clean up!!

4. Serve Someone Else.  Offer to help a married friend or family member.  Babysit so that they can go out, and then spoil their kids rotten!!  Order a pizza and they will think you are the BEST!
5. Unplug.  Take the day (or week) to unplug from social media.
6. Treat yourself .  Maybe that new sweater you keep eyeing in the store window or how about a massage?
7. Game Night.  Have a game night and invite all of your single friends
8. Crafts.  A craft night with the kids, they will love your getting out all of the craft paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners
9. Just Relax.  Stay in and have a self care night — a long hot bath, facial, paint your nails and take care of you!
10. Sewing.  Invite your single friends over who don’t sew and teach them how to make in-the-hoop earrings!  My friends are obsessed with these earrings and when I mentioned this idea to them, they couldn’t say yes fast enough!
11.  Organize.  It could be your sewing studio, your closet or just a drawer.  Clean it out and when you are done, you will feel so good about what you accomplished!

Happy Valentine’s Day my sisters!  I love you and remember … Jesus Loves you Too!

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