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Who else is a font addict? Don’t worry, we are all addicted to them too! Our Script Embroidery Fonts include some of our favorite fonts we have ever laid eyes on! From the cheery, monoline font ‘Brayden’ that includes both upper and lowercase characters to ‘Darcy’ who includes incredible alternates (one for each letter!) which can really make your work look unique and modern at the same time! The beautiful ‘Gardenia Bloom’ has become increasingly popular with our customers and offer such adorably created characters and letters that anything and we mean anything looks wonderful when typed out in this Script Embroidery Font.  All typefaces come in many different file types as well as many different sizes making them perfect for your shirt, bag, towel or other items! Make sure you click on the ones you like to double check if your desired file type is included and to read any additional information such as sizes and bonus letters or alternates. We promise that you will never regret purchasing one of these fonts and you can use them time and time again for so many embroidery projects that you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

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