Applique & Embroidery Originals is proud to offer memberships to our valued customers. Select the membership of your choice and click subscribe! Each membership gives different amounts of monthly store credit that expires every 30 days, which can be spent on ANYTHING on the website and still allows you to save with our weekly sales. Your subscription will auto-renew each month with easy payment options and you can cancel at any time. Plus, each different membership level includes amazing FREE DESIGNS!!

Bean Stitch Betty
  • $15 in store credit
  • 1 free design per month*
$8.00 per month
Fill Stitch Florence
  • $24 in store credit
  • 3 free designs per month*
$15.00 per month
Satin Stitch Sally
  • $30 in store credit
  • 5 free designs per month*
$20.00 per month

* all free designs will be exclusive and never release on the Applique & Embroidery website, or are guaranteed to not be released for a minimum of 6 months.