Welcome to my Happy Place

Like many of you, my sewing space has changed vastly over the years.  When I first begin 14 years ago, I had one little Brother PE770 that I used on my dining room table.  All of my fabric could be contained in a 3-drawer bin and my thread fit neatly in a small box.  As my love of sewing, applique and embroidery grew … so did my space.

From the dining room table, I moved to our finish basement room.  Then a move to a different house had me working out of a TINY 4th bedroom with no closet so I had to use the 2nd master closet for all of my extra fabric and blanks.  Yet another move put me into a finished room above the garage with odd windows and slanted ceilings that made wall storage challenging.  Finally, after many years of waiting, saving and planning my family and I moved into our forever home and with it — a decent sized 4th bedroom just for me and my business.  This would be my largest sewing studio and my first closet!!

Tiny 4th Bedroom Sewing Studio
Closet Located on a Different Floor
Over the Garage Space

I still remember calling a local kitchen cabinet maker and explaining to him that I wanted kitchen cabinets built into an UPSTAIRS bedroom to be used as a craft room.  “Can you help?”  Of course he could, he said that they do it all the time (I’d found my people and wasn’t alone).  He met me out at the house and he drew the plans on the wall while we talked about what I desired in my dream room.  I took a picture of the plans we came up with and he told me to stop by his shop about a month before I was ready to install with the picture and we’d finalize the details!!

When I went to his woodworking shop I picked out every detail of my room; color, hardware, trim and I even took a fat quarter and a “still in the package” shirt so that I could have custom cubbies built for my fabric and shirts.  I was in HEAVEN!!!  After all of the details were done, I was a bit over budget and being the good Dave Ramsey student I was, I decided to forego the cubbies in my closet until a later date (this would later be a blessing in disguised).

We were ready!!  I hit my budget and in about a month, I’d have my dream studio.

I was not at all disappointed with my end result.  I have storage galore and room to grow if I need it!  My cabinets house my 3 beautiful machines easily (2-Brother 6-needle machines and 1-Babylock 10-needle machine).  I have big cabinets that I can store my sergers and regular sewing machine with the big door closed to keep them safe and dust free.  I have space for all of my supplies and blanks, plus all of those other craft items that find their way into my shopping cart when I’m exploring Hobby Lobby.

View Of the Island and Machines
Lots of Storage, Desk Area & Peg Board
Fat Quarter Storage
Walk in Closet of Blanks

I mentioned that I didn’t pay to have cubbies built into my room and it was a happy accident.  I bought the lower cubbies at Target years and years ago to keep my fat quarters.  I thought at first that I wasn’t going to be able to use these at all in the new space … but then I measured and with a little muscle they fit in my space perfectly!  I bought 2 more sets and stacked them on top and now it looks like I have a custom closet!

Thanks for taking a tour of my space!  I hope that it inspires you!

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